Irish Hills Farm


Irish Hills Farm Joins Queenwoods Stables

Irish Hills Farm has joined Queenwoods Stables.  All lessons will be taught at Queenwood Stables in East Peoria.  Students will continue to receive the same great riding lessons with SAFE lesson horses.
                    Why Should I take Lessons?


photo by Washburn Photography

Check out IHF students riding in the photo gallery and on the video page

*It is a great form of exercise

*It is sport you can do your entire life.

*Make new friends.

*It is improves eye/hand coordination.

*Increases concentration level

*Horses teach responsibility.

*It is FUN, FUN, and MORE FUN!


   What Type of Lesson Horses are used for Lessons?

Irish Hills Farm offers a variety of lessons horses including the beginner horse, the been there done that lesson horse, and the intermediate to advance lesson horses.  We have lesson horses with experience in Western, Hunt Seat, Saddle Seat, Sidesaddle, Driving, Jumping, Dressage, Showmanship, and games.  

Currently all of our lesson horses have some kind of show ring experience -- local, 4-H, A-rated shows, National, and International.  Several of them have won championships and high point awards over the years.

click on the following link to meet our current lesson horses:  IHF Lesson Horses


What Should I Wear To My Riding Lesson? 

*Wear riding pants (KY Jodphurs, Breeches,   Jodphurs, or Western pants) or jeans.

*Wear a riding boot (Jod boots, field boot, or cowboy boot) or a shoe with hard soul and heel.

*Wear an approved riding helmet (ATSM/SEI).  It is required of all ages and levels.

*Dress for the weather. 

photo by R A Images

*Lesson for ages 7 to adults               for 30 minutes - $35

*Prepaid Packages - 6 lessons for $195 (saving $15); 8 lessons for $260 (saving $20); 10 lessons for $325 (saving $25)    

*Small Fry for ages 3-6                       for 20 minutes-$25       

*Prepaid Packages - 6 lessons for $135 (saving $15); 8 lessons for $180 (saving $20)


Lesson Information 

*Groom and tack-up my horse before the lesson.  All students are taught how in the first few lessons.

*Stretches and warm-up for both the rider and the horse

*Lesson of the day

*Review of lesson and cool down

*Remove tack and put it away

*Groom my horse before putting away.

       What type of seats and level of riding available?


Academy level (beginning show rider) 

photo by Washburn Photography

photo by Washburn Photograhpy

Hunt Seat

photo by RA Images


photo by RA Images

*Lessons are offered from riders who have never ridden before to advance rider

*Lessons open to both adults and children (ages 3 and up)

*Each riders lesson is geared towards their level of riding and learning style

*Instructor with over 20 years of experience with a variety of breeds of horses and style of riding (Saddle Seat, Western, Hunt Seat, Sidesaddle, and Driving). 

*Safe lesson horses available for different levels of riding.

Type of Seats

Saddle Seat - a rider rides in a flat (cutback or lanefox) type of saddle.  It was originally developed in the United States.  The saddle allows the horse to be more high stepping.  It is an English style of riding.  (see pictures of the left)

Hunt Seat - a rider rides in a forward, all purpose, or close contact saddle.  It was originally developed in Europe.  The saddle is designed for jumping.  It is an English style of riding.  (see pictures on the left)

Western - a rider rides in a western saddle (the one with the horn).  It was originally developed in western United States for working with livestock.  It is considered Western style of riding.  It also includes the speed events, cutting, reining, ranch style of riding, trail class, and team roping.  (see picture to your left)

Sidesaddle - a lady rider rides in a sidesaddle of any the three above seats (Saddle, hunt, or western).  The saddle has a horn and a leaping horn that help keep the rider secure.  It is recommended for more advance riders.

 Driving - is a driver rides in a cart that is pulled by a horse.  We do have beginner horses available to learn to drive.